The passion of turned wooden  objects !

After studying Fine Arts and Applied Arts at the University of Toulouse, my journey led me to Brittany, where I had the opportunity to live my passion for sailing as a trainer and skipper. It was amidst the beautiful wooden boats of Morbihan that I discovered the art of marine carpentry and got my first experience with a wood lathe.


In 2012, driven by the desire to deepen my knowledge, I decided to learn the fundamentals of woodturning. Over the years, my skills evolved, and I eventually founded Yulturn, a workshop dedicated to creating unique wooden design objects. Through Yulturn, I reconnected with my passion for creativity and manual craftsmanship.


Yulturn showcases the art of craftsmanship by combining the technical aspects of woodturning with the natural beauty of wood. Each piece is unique and reflects my commitment to excellence and quality.


I take great pride in sharing my passion for wood through the creation of one-of-a-kind design objects that blend aesthetics and functionality.

Whether it's for your home, office, or living space, our creations add a touch of elegance and authenticity.

Join me on this journey where the artistry of wood meets creativity.


Discover my creations, take a tour of my Workshop!

"I like to mix the work of filming on wood
and the visual arts to create original and useful pieces"




Each piece is unique, stemming from a rigorously selected tree essence. Their manufacture is the result of a process starting from solid wood to finish. The solid wood is first debited before being put on the wood lathe. Then using the cutting tools, the hands made the final shape.

Oak polished finish


My knowledge of contemporary art and the work of ceramists influence my work. Coming closer to the traditional forms of Japanese craftsmanship I look for taut lines, clean forms to create elegant and useful pieces.


The finishes are adapted to the food contact.
Two types of finishes are offered:
- An elaborate finish with beeswax and grape seed oïl.
-An acrylic lacquer finish, hand washable*.

* For more informations about the finishes and my products look to the Frequently Ask Questions.

Yulturn on Instagram
Yulturn on Instagram

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